Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aiwa Habibi ....I THINK OF YOU ...

                               ARTS OF LOVE ....Creative Designs  by

                        Aiwa Habibi ... I Think Of You Made in Egypt on
                                             Designer New Concept Accessorie  for Ladies.
                                                    Aiwa habibi Cocotian Perfume No.9


                                         I Think Of It ... is a new creative design to be keep forever.

                 My 3rd time journey in Egypt was fantastic, everything seem to be like normal lifestyle.
                 Most of the Night time, I never go to bed early. I spend my time thinking how to make this better.


                          Thanks reading...I wish everyone healthy and blessing you good in Everything.

                                                    Ana Like ... Aiwa Habibi ... I Think Of You..

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aiwa Habibi Egypt by Margaret Yick

When the rain is falling down, I run faster towards you.
You sit on me and I show you a Secret beautiful Paradise Land.
When the Sun is out, I will walk slowly, and hear a nice song named Aiwa Habibi.
When the night is getting dark, I sleep beside you. 
 We will watch the moon, and the shinning stars will shine at us.
The Night is cold and fresh, I will keep you warm whole night till next day.


New Concept Creative Design COCOTIAN CO.,LTD. HONG KONG. Silver Design Made in Egypt. Designed by Margaret Yick.


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