Friday, October 27, 2017

Cocotian Petite Fleur

"Petite Fleur" Do you know the song or music about "Petite Fleur" It was last time my trip visited Egypt Cario. I was told by a catholic Priest saying if you go to egypt must not be alone. Somehow I went alone partly I want to discover something not same from my country. I came to learned about the eygptian perfume without alcohol on it. Than my first egyptian friend show me where to get it. In the boutique shop it was filled with different kinds of fragrance smell. Each of the perfume has some meaning on it. I bought the perfume after I had tried it. I put inside my cupboard covered with my scarves collections. Than I gave some to my family and friends. It started everyone loves it. After few years, I started to think of this bottle is time to do something else. I used the good France thread and designed small "Petite Fleur" bottle design. Now ended all kinds of bottle creations. This is fully hands craft worked on it. Before using the thread must test it to be sure it is good quality
Click here to see my design created   Cocotian Petite Fleur


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