Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Knot of Knots Creative design

The Colors of Love in Autumn. One of the best creative design bracelet for male or female. One of my friend is a spainese singer, he saw my design leather posted on facebook, and he ordered it from me. It is considered one of the unique design sold to him. The design is about Knot of Knots which brings meaningful. A ring written I LOVE YOU, it can be take out and wear it. Before wearing it, there is 3 dices which can play a game. It is very common in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the Chinese people will used the dices to play a game before drinking. In most of the Chinese business entertainments espescially in China.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

COCOTIAN Happy Valentime new version

                                   Lastest version Happy Valentime meaning TIME to be together.
                                               عيد الحب سعيد to all the people who reads arabic langauge

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aiwa Habibi ....I THINK OF YOU ...

                               ARTS OF LOVE ....Creative Designs  by www.margaretyick.com

                        Aiwa Habibi ... I Think Of You Made in Egypt on  www.cocotian.com
                                             Designer New Concept Accessorie  for Ladies.
                                                    Aiwa habibi Cocotian Perfume No.9


                                         I Think Of It ... is a new creative design to be keep forever.

                 My 3rd time journey in Egypt was fantastic, everything seem to be like normal lifestyle.
                 Most of the Night time, I never go to bed early. I spend my time thinking how to make this better.


                          Thanks reading...I wish everyone healthy and blessing you good in Everything.

                                                    Ana Like ... Aiwa Habibi ... I Think Of You..


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