Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Design Creation Winter Love Colors...

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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Every year will not be the same way of life. Everyday will not be the same thing on it. Just that some day we just want something special on it. After many years experienced about fashion line, and had been seeing factories may not do the same way handing the production. It is due to the system of management hanging the workers and reports.

Here is one of the design started doing it after had been visited India Chennai, how they worked on threads dying and weaving saree. I'm not specialist in weaving but it is a technical way in doing it. To do a good design it can be very complicated. Hand crafting is not the same like technology system weaving a textile. But hands crafting a weaving design can be very beautiful. It is an exclusive product that takes times and days to do it. I had a great time in Chennai india and had seen how they do it. If to run a saree weaving to insert tiny object inside it shouldn't be heavy items, and it will take a long time to do it. It is considered a high end product for saree design.

This is a design that tested and made by me. To weave a design and insert an object directly. To weave such item it should have good threads dying. It is due to spending too many hours on it to weave a design. This design its depending who is using it. If it is for bracelet it should be make accordingly to your size. But the coming design is also for pets, your dog or cat having it. It will be on your size. info at www.margaretyickdesign.com

Here is the first sample made.. threads from France and Made in France. Weaving design


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