Monday, November 4, 2019

Winter Love Color Creation

The winter season the wild black color design creation: Tiny bottle with sweet fragrance perfume on it/ Designed and Made in France.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tanta Trip

Good Times Bad Times and there are times that hard to forget it. Some days I am very nervous, when the simcard is not working. The good times from someone who really cared about me. I fall sick for 3 days, most probably the heat room temperature, and mosquitoes attacking me. Somehow I was taken cared by their parents, and youngest brother often spend time with me. I didn't meet up new friends because for safety reason at night. Partly to respect his parents, not going out at night with guys. At the end, someone invited me for lunch time together with his friend. We had a good time chit chat and jokes to laughed. He show me around what is nice in the city. Each time he doesn't want me to pay the bill. Tasting the meal and ice-cream and a good cup of cafe. Weather is very hot but it is healthy to moved around, rather eat and sleep whole day. I'm an active person in general loves sport activites, and loved nigh lifestyle. I was told a place to sit there to see the view of Tanta city, although it is not fantastic seeing the roof filled with many things. The air is windy at the end when there few times.  The roof top view was fantastic and makes me feel liked not going home. Visited Carefour few times, so much differences from France.  The worst thing in life is often wearing jean and covered up my shoulder. Isn't my style at all, I lived in a modern lifestyle and loved beautiful nice dress. Imagine how can I take it, I had lived in Singapore and France so many years, and few years in Indonesia and China. France is still my place in my eyes, and Singapore is safe walking alone at night, nobody dare to touch me. Somehow at the end visited the mosque, thank you so much allowing me visiting your mosques. I am a curious person, loved to see more things different from my country. Most of the restaurants and cafe bars area not bad servicing. The good times at night with their family, the egyptian jokes that makes me think I must not over eat. Nothing much to says about here... all I want to says thank you for everything.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Gem stones bracelet

Gem stones on silver with leather and threads design for bracelet. Unique piece creative design. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Dress Me up! Balle de Rose ... Ball of Rose

The time passed so fast and each day invent and recycle something not to waste it. By knowing people who loves playing golf and often using golf ball. Reminds me the past years I had learned to played a good golf game in France. It was a frenchman recommended me a beautiful green field, and learned how to stroke my golf stick and place a golf ball far away. After few times, it seem to be very good. It takes time to think, walked and communicates in French. After that, learned how to handle my golf sticks, and wearing a pair of nice leather golf shoes. To do a proper way of course french teacher explaining everything, even told an examination the rules of golf. Sometimes meeting new faces from friend of friends. They said.. is good to have a game and used it as business entertainment. A friendly match but ending I collecting golf ball. Here is one of the creation using my golf ball to make into Ball of Rose. Is can use for window dressing, or hang anywher, and drop a little perfume on it. The sweet smell that stayed in the room. Dress Me Up just like you...#ballederose #balledefleur  Made in France.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Petite Fleur "Balle de Rose" La Vie en Rose

Who is Rosie Yick.  Rose Yick...
Rose was born in Singapore, she knows some of the stories about my father and mother lifestyle.
My mother is from Macau, her young time marriage with my father was a match marriage by my grandmother coming from Hong Kong.
Chinese culture values a marriage must be done with an agreement. 
My father was born in China Guangdong.
Due to the war time in china, my father run away with her 4th brother and landed in Muar Malaysia. 
My father owned a shop selling bicycles and motor bikes. Often many clients asked my father for repairing bicycles, motor bikes and cars. My father knows well about rubber plantation and durian trees.
After marrying my mother, my father moved to Singapore to gives my mother a better lifestyle.
My father most of his clients are all races, and he never go to chinese temple. Most of the time is my grandmother and mother doing all the prayers in the chinese temple. Only my grandmother doing everything together with my mother and most of us in the famil is following the Chinese tradition praying gods and followed some of the months prayers must be needed.
Chinese people are supersitious in many things, this is our chinese culture values and tradition ways of life still never changed.
Maybe young generation is changing everything, but still we had not changed some of the supersitious way of life. My mother wasn't catholic but I heard young time she used to be with some portugese friends who are catholic and given a christian name to her in Macau.  
 Rosie had studied in mandarin school, She knows about Buddha. She is good in mandarin but her second language is English. She worked as a salegirl in a tourism shop, and she able to speak some russian language. She loves dancing and often weekend with her friends, mostly all girls. She came to know a guy that fall in love with her, but he is much younger than her 10 years of her age. I was young at that time age 16. My sister saying another man fall in love with her, and often received letters from him. But my sister do not know how to express in english letter. At the end, it was me making fun at him, I wrote love letters on behalf my sister to Angelo Magalotti.

My sister said... he is a fat italian man, loves to joke alot, and always came to her shop buying things. Since he kept asking my sister going out, my sister asked few of her girlfriends to joined her outing at night after worked. My sister make him walked alot from beach road to orchard road, and make him pay the drinks for her girl friends. When a man love a woman, he gives her everything. After more than a year, he proposed my sister for engagement. My sister replied...such marriage must get my father and mother approval. My father do not want any of her daughters to marry foriegner, afriad of too far away from home, or ill treated.  At the end, my father accepted Angelo Magalotti.
Angelo came with his mother for marriage agreement in Singapore. Chinese Culture: Customs & Tradition in Singapore ; A dowry for my sister marriage to be given by Angelo. "RED PACKET" is "ANG BAO" that kind of money is negotiate to be given for her marriage. How many dinner tables for the marriage day, I think 50 tables but it is costly that in hotel. Dowry money is for her marriage, and is for her to buy those stuffs. Table for dinners most money received will be for the couples. Marrying a chinese girl must understand what is Dowry?. Angelo agreed most of it, and Rosie became a catholic. As we knows the roman catholic style like in Italy.
 My sister Rosie is very modern style dressing. Sometimes she makes her own clothings. Sometimes we wore her clothings. Share by 3 sisters cause we are so slim body.
                                     Her marriage day in Singapore Holly Family Church.
 After few years, I visited my sister in Melbourne. I started to knows many Priests, due to she had worked in the church, taking cared of many things included the Priests. She mentioned to me, you can read quran it is not wrong. All is same way of prayers and believing as long as you are not harming someone. Be generous and kind to people is the most important thing in your life.
I met Fr.Wahid he was born in Cario, but he lived and worked in Melbourne church. Fr.Wahid saying to me...if you visit Egypt Cario, you must not be alone. He had been saying seeing the rich and the poor people in busy cario city. Never go alone, otherwise the guys will follow you. My sisters always loves visiting churches, and they loves the french foods. My sister had asked me to looked after the Priests when they arrived Paris. 2 Priests stayed in my home, and I show them around the churches in France and some night life for good onions soup.
My sister asked we to visit Assis church in Italy. It was a long journey from France to Italy by car. Rosie and Pauline enjoyed the trip, and they loves the foods and wines.
There are many photos about Rosie Magalotti. I will upgrade it for family souvenir.
Jolie Rose encore vivantes... Voila Petite Fleur .. La vie en Rose ... Des petite balles aussi grande balles. "Balle de Rose" encore vivantes. Design & Pattern Maker, Prototype Design for special collection year 2018 for COCOTIAN CO LTD, HONG KONG. Info at Made in France, a concept design about rounded ball shape. It is not allowed to use clue, it is for many reason. Thank you for reading the article. Firstly let give ROSIE MAGALOTTI a souvenir and to all her family and friends who knows her. Espesically in Australia everyone knows her. Thank you for the Priests who had done all the servicing. Once again onbehalf of COCOTIAN CO LTD, HONG KONG thanks all of you. To get this free BALLE DE ROSE, you may need to contact at
Here is my design about ROSE. A Beautiful Rose flower is just like you Rosie. Beautiful outside and also inside your Heart. Being caring others more than yourself. When a flower is died off, but our heart still remain unchanged. A Rose to remember you in my heart. A Ball of Rose  "BALLE DE ROSE" from small to big roses. This Roses are hand made design creation, its about a rounded ball in many different types of materials became a rose design flower. No clue to be used in this design BALLE DE ROSE. You can wear it or hang it anywhere you like. Spray a rose perfume on it and keep it last forever. ROSE FOREVER.. When this BALLE DE ROSE is dusty or dirty, you can washed it and let it dry naturally. Info of caring BALL DE ROSE is on official company website. Few Roses will be given away for you to keep a good souvenir of  ROSE IN YOUR HEART IS FOREVER LOVE.  designed by Made in France by  Jolie balle Petite Fleur "Balle de Rose" C'est l'amour toute les jours.

Here is the creation Design and Pattern Maker, a unique concept design fully hand made on it. No clue is allowed to used it. Material will be check before using it. This concept the smallest Petite Fleur "Balle de Rose" it will be using for some accessories design. Made in Nantes France. Please take note some of these Balle de Rose will be given away. A good souvenir for you to be remember Rosie Magalotti. The other sises of Balle de Rose is official selling in the company. Read the info how to take care of it. at COCOTIAN CO LTD, HONG KONG. Design
 La Vie en Rose ... La vie comme une jolie Rose.. Et bien ici c'est le "Balle de Rose" danse avec moi une jolie Rose. La vie vivantes... Jolie Rose toujour pour l'amour. Stylish Creations de la part MargaretYick. Souvenir Souvenir ...

Friday, October 27, 2017

Cocotian Petite Fleur

"Petite Fleur" Do you know the song or music about "Petite Fleur" It was last time my trip visited Egypt Cario. I was told by a catholic Priest saying if you go to egypt must not be alone. Somehow I went alone partly I want to discover something not same from my country. I came to learned about the eygptian perfume without alcohol on it. Than my first egyptian friend show me where to get it. In the boutique shop it was filled with different kinds of fragrance smell. Each of the perfume has some meaning on it. I bought the perfume after I had tried it. I put inside my cupboard covered with my scarves collections. Than I gave some to my family and friends. It started everyone loves it. After few years, I started to think of this bottle is time to do something else. I used the good France thread and designed small "Petite Fleur" bottle design. Now ended all kinds of bottle creations. This is fully hands craft worked on it. Before using the thread must test it to be sure it is good quality
Click here to see my design created   Cocotian Petite Fleur


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