Tuesday, June 30, 2020

                                                        I will be adding the chopsticks design

Monday, April 13, 2020

Bottle Creation Design

Little thing always longer hours to do it. Here is the perfume bottle design created by me. 

Petite Fleur

The Times passed away, the wind blowing so strong.
 I walked a thousand miles, sun or rain I keep walking till I earned some money.
I don't stared at everyone, I cared my 2 basket of glown peaches.
In the city so many people, I sold to them. 
Keep walking, I saw flowers on the field, I don't step on it. I talk to the flowers, you are so beautiful just like my wife. I plug few of it, bring back home, and give to my wife. She asked nothing from me, not even complained when I arrived home late. She place the table filled with a bowl of rice, and 2 pieces of meats with few vegetables. 1 cup of chinese tea. She said..take your time to eat, don't talk when you are eating. I asked myself what will I give her. 
The story about Golden Peaches is real lifestyle about a china man carried his 2 basket of golden peaches, selling to everyone which is happened in Peking city.

                             Design created by www.margaretyickdesigns.com

Monday, November 4, 2019

Winter Love Color Creation

The winter season the wild black color design creation: Tiny bottle with sweet fragrance perfume on it/ Designed and Made in France.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tanta Trip

Good Times Bad Times and there are times that hard to forget it. Some days I am very nervous, when the simcard is not working. The good times from someone who really cared about me. I fall sick for 3 days, most probably the heat room temperature, and mosquitoes attacking me. Somehow I was taken cared by their parents, and youngest brother often spend time with me. I didn't meet up new friends because for safety reason at night. Partly to respect his parents, not going out at night with guys. At the end, someone invited me for lunch time together with his friend. We had a good time chit chat and jokes to laughed. He show me around what is nice in the city. Each time he doesn't want me to pay the bill. Tasting the meal and ice-cream and a good cup of cafe. Weather is very hot but it is healthy to moved around, rather eat and sleep whole day. I'm an active person in general loves sport activites, and loved nigh lifestyle. I was told a place to sit there to see the view of Tanta city, although it is not fantastic seeing the roof filled with many things. The air is windy at the end when there few times.  The roof top view was fantastic and makes me feel liked not going home. Visited Carefour few times, so much differences from France.  The worst thing in life is often wearing jean and covered up my shoulder. Isn't my style at all, I lived in a modern lifestyle and loved beautiful nice dress. Imagine how can I take it, I had lived in Singapore and France so many years, and few years in Indonesia and China. France is still my place in my eyes, and Singapore is safe walking alone at night, nobody dare to touch me. Somehow at the end visited the mosque, thank you so much allowing me visiting your mosques. I am a curious person, loved to see more things different from my country. Most of the restaurants and cafe bars area not bad servicing. The good times at night with their family, the egyptian jokes that makes me think I must not over eat. Nothing much to says about here... all I want to says thank you for everything.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Gem stones bracelet

Gem stones on silver with leather and threads design for bracelet. Unique piece creative design. 


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