Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life in France

After india back to france. Time is Countless, Life in france at time is very stressful. But living in Nantes city is not too bad. I have too many things to handle at time.Somehow I enjoyed it. C'est La Vie.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chai or Caapee in Chennai India.

Time is Countless ... I never look at my watch when I'm doing something for my work. There is not time to waste, it is due to something that I loved to do and have to finished it. The worst thing in life is worked but all times on music and songs. I love the indian songs, the music rythem but still do not understand what are they singing about.  My trip in Chennai 6 months wasn't too bad and had travelled few cities. What I loved is the beach far from the city in Chennai, its about 2 hours drive. Driver is very careful and it is not allowed him to take over the cars, or drive in a lane forbidden. In the city really traffic jam, it is very scary to cross the road.  Most of the time I love my favourite indian meals, often asked driver take order from the best restaurant. On the road, I saw many peoples eating in those small stall selling foods and drink. I didn't try it.  Most of the times I tasted all kinds of foods from hotels, my favourite breads and pastries is from Leela Palace Chennai. Some of the hotels has good foods and servicing.  Discovering india was great, I found some of the material very useful. The sun is pretty hot, I dare not wear short pant style in chennai city everyday. The indian peoples' will stared at me, but somehow I had tried few times to test how is their reaction. When the ladies workers saw I put on saree, they were so happy. Somehow everyday they put their thumb up, even it is not a saree style. I will not says much here.. go to india and see for yourself. If you love indian curries, that is the most exciting country. Whenever I bought something else, I said..made in India. I was invited to the Ministry of Design Research Center in Chennai, how they do the artwork and saree weaving and etc.. 3 of us met the director who incharged the department. When he asked me who am I. I gave him my official businesscard. I was told take a look how they do it. It is very interesting subject, it is more to my art and craft work, design and pattern. I shares what I had done in hands worked printing, dying the colors, design and prototype before making a cloth. He introduced me all the chief incharged different departments. I had a good time with them. I would says, the most interesting place that I had discovered is about ART WORK DESIGN.
 I love this elephant from Hindu temple..

 My creation and drawing..
 Ministry of Art Design and Research and Development Center.
 My drawing ..

 My hands work on the smooth black cotton. India has good cotton.

 My creation first testing.
 Everyday fresh Jasmine flowers.. I love so much..

 Spend time doing research cut and sew by hands.

 Visiting everywhere.. I love Hindu Temples the stones building. This is my craft worked... The Colours of Love .. INDIA.
Something I learned from them is Chai .. whenever I visit them, I was served a cup of chai or caapee.
My chennai friends. My sisters love the scarves chosen by me. And I recommended my french guy, and he bought alot of scarves for his family. Thanks so much his father gave me a cloth and his son gave me a scarf. In returned, I gave them my design bracelet from France created by me.
Thanks Reading ..see you again India.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Journey In India.

Time is Countless .. from a far distance, a journey to Madras and now named Chennai. Hot, humide and full of things to discover. My most beautiful day time is visiting many temples, and beaches.
When I was in chennai, I asked some indian friends about getting someone to do my website. A website that has to be black and white with my logo design on it. Finally I got someone from facebook, and I had visited his office. After 2nd time meeting my agreement must be done it simple with music on it. The design products is never comes in many pieces. In general is limited edition. The music is original and it might be changing after few months. www.cocotian.com website is made in Chennai by Kg Tech company.
 It was nice to have this loving colorful kissing birds. I named them Chai Chai and Nai Nai. In the day their cage is outside in the balcony facing the garden. They normal have 2 fresh shower around 9am and later afternoon 4pm. In the morning, they loves to sing, and in the day they liked to hear music. At night they their cage stayed in the kitchen. When I on the tap water, they started to talk.
 They loves to kiss and make noise after shower.
 I trainned them to eat curry leaves and roti pata, beside the seeds.
 In the day visiting many textiles shops, fancy shop, and late afternoon back home doing my drawing.
 Its fantastic to have a driver, at least he can communicates in english.
 He is a fantastic good driver, and always carried my things. He scared that I go home alone. So, I trained him how to hold a pair of chop-sticks, and taste some chinese foods.
 Knowing Chennai is a tamil nadu country. It is fantastic seeing so many beautiful colors saree. I tried wearing it, but I love more on silk soft textile. In a way it fall nicely to my body. I liked simple way going around me, and it is not the same way like the indian culture.
 In this private building, security guards and cleaner very friendly with smiling faces. Everyday when the see me, they started to laughed. Its humour we often makes some good jokes. The ladies saying..if I do not know how to wear saree, they can teach me.
 The beautiful and exciting time is when I was invited to visit this Ministry of Textile research development. I met the director and departments officers. I was so happy on this day seeing everything, and I shared my experinced about batik painting, and mould designs. The best part is seeing his weaving the cotton saree textile. Very beautiful deep blue color and gold threads at the border.
 I often have to see the tailor and make sure everything run in order. He loves to make jokes at me. And I asked him how to wear like your style. He immediately show me how to put the textile upward. Everyone was laughing. We'll just have a good time laughing. He asked me come and have a meal together. Of course, but I just send packages of foods to them.
 My research artwork for textile design. And spend alot of time doing bracelet designs.
 Its a tshirt designed and I cut into many pieces, to transform another style with bracelet design.
 I was saying.. Black cotton with Golden color is very beautiful. Testing the products in Chennai. The cotton is very soft and smooth. Very easy to maintain. My artwork for 2015
 This is the black cotton textile with golden paint designed and made by me. How I wear it, its simple. There is no button but clip on it.
 One of beautiful Precious stones design, made in Jaipur.
Madras foods is very spicy, I ate almost everyday. The curry is not the same in france, and what is nice I can even gets all kind of curry powders, seeds, leaves and etc..
Walked on the street alone and saw boys doing the painting on the hands. So, I told him where to put it, and not too much. Its really not expensive, worth trying it.
 Driver saying he is timide to enter such restaurant, but finally he learned how to taste chinese foods and holding a pair of chop-sticks. He went back to office and told his friends that, he had tasted all kind of chinese or thai foods. He had a wonderful time with madame.

 So nice seeing elephant painted in some design. Unfortunately hasn't got a chance to sit on it yet.!!
 I told the workers, make sure it is well done. I will pay for it.
I had visited many 5 stars hotels and out of the city, there is nice hotels and beaches. Infact Chennai has a long beach in the world.
 Sometimes I send driver to buy roti pata for me. It is so cheap and freshly made. I love so much.
 He is such a wonderful chief for cutting, and he loves to joke all the times.
 Visting many Hindu Temples and 1 church.
 One of the well known place to find my best fully handwork silk saree. He show me how to wear it.
 I had done a research about leather. I made this design in chennai.
It is worth to visit India... and it is not an ending story yet!!


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