Monday, June 18, 2018

Dress Me up! Balle de Rose ... Ball of Rose

The time passed so fast and each day invent and recycle something not to waste it. By knowing people who loves playing golf and often using golf ball. Reminds me the past years I had learned to played a good golf game in France. It was a frenchman recommended me a beautiful green field, and learned how to stroke my golf stick and place a golf ball far away. After few times, it seem to be very good. It takes time to think, walked and communicates in French. After that, learned how to handle my golf sticks, and wearing a pair of nice leather golf shoes. To do a proper way of course french teacher explaining everything, even told an examination the rules of golf. Sometimes meeting new faces from friend of friends. They said.. is good to have a game and used it as business entertainment. A friendly match but ending I collecting golf ball. Here is one of the creation using my golf ball to make into Ball of Rose. Is can use for window dressing, or hang anywher, and drop a little perfume on it. The sweet smell that stayed in the room. Dress Me Up just like you...#ballederose #balledefleur  Made in France.


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